Andover Sportsman's Club

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NameAndover Sportsman's Club
DescriptionThe archery range has a practice range and two 3D target courses. The practice range has targets set at 10/20/30/40/50 yards. Only arrows with practice/target/field tips are to be used on the targets. The right lane is setup for broadheads, with movable targets at 20-30 yards. Broadheads can be used only in the designated broadhead target. The practice range can be used 24/7 as two sets of floodlights are available for the left and right sides of the range. Licensed crossbow shooters may use the practice range only. The 3D course is open during daylight hours 7 days a week and consists of 25 targets. It takes approximately. 45-60 minutes to complete the course. There is a mini-course (of 5 targets) at the beginning of the 3D course for shooters with limited time. Practice/target/field tips are only to be used on the 3D course (NO broadheads and NO crossbows).
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Email[email protected]
Location122 Route 6, Andover, CT 06232